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What is "Gothic"?

This website is about Gothic Culture and Modern Gothic Lifestyle. Have fun and look around Hot Gothic Stuff for information on what it means to be part of the gothic movement. Check out lots of interesting ideas for gothic clothing, gothic makeup,gothic symbols and how to be a hot gothic girl!

Read on about gothic culture, give your opinion or just send us a gothic photo. There is a link and some guidelines at the bottom of the page.

Most people associate the words "Gothic" and "Goth" with one or more of these meanings:

  • Architecture: Gothic architecture of the 12th to 16th centuries featured large stone buildings with long pillars, vaulted ceilings, and pointed arches.Old stone buildings were highly decorated with columns, Gargoles and fancy ingignias carved on gables.

  • Literature: A style of horror literature that is dark, eerie and gloomy, usually featuring vampires and dark arts.

  • Historical Culture: The Goths were a Teutonic tribe that settled in Scythia in the first century A.D. One branch of this tribe, the Visigoths, sacked Rome in the year 410.

  • Modern Culture: Goths today have developed styles of dress, music, art, literature, and lifestyle drawn heavily from a variety of sources. In general, these styles tend to be perceived as dark and gloomy. Many Goths are perceived to be pacifistic, emotionally depressed, non-violent, and passive, with great importance being placed on emotions and perception.

Goth, the modern movement, bears little resemblance to the architectural or historical cultures referenced above, and ties in to the literature aspect to a greater or lesser degree depending on how one defines one's "gothic-ness". Goth (or gothic) first originated in the post-punk rock scene in London England. As the punk rock scene faded, goth emerged as its own subculture. The original elements that became the gothic movement developed in the 1980's at a night club called the Bat Cave in London England.

Since that time, goths have developed along several lines resulting in a myriad of subcultures with different identifying characteristics. As with any categorization of people, these lines are often blurry and are subject to one's own interpretation.

From the outside, these differences can be difficult to perceive. This is often made more difficult because perceptions that are the most popular are often those that have been skewed by the media. This source of information in particular is unreliable, often using sources that know little about the topic or that are driven by sensationalistic motives.

For example, some people think of goths as violent, aggressive and satanic. This is not the case. Instead, this is the result of misconceptions, largely due to misstatements made by the media. Several of these occurred immediately after the Columbine shootings when media representatives, seeking a deeper story, made blatant statements labeling Harris and Klebold - the perpetrators - as goths. These two individuals had adopted styles of dress and performed actions designed to shock people, some of which bore resemblance to goth styles of dress, but they themselves were not goth.

Some goths prefer to embrace a lifestyle of sensitivity, a philosophy that does not need or desire to impress others. Other goths dress in certain elements of the goth styles because it feels natural to them. Still other don't care about the lifestyle, but instead dress with an intent to have an impact on others. Each of these is, in some sense, Goth, although many of them would vehemently deny that others are "true" Goths. To learn more about the dress styles, follow the links on the left.

The gothic subculture lifestyle encourages interest in arts, literature and current affairs. Most of these Goths are well educated and openly discuss their views.

Calling all Goth Girls & Guys

Share your Gothic experiences, stories & pictures, Hot Gothic Stuff would like to bring your story to the world. We're looking for real life stories and pictures that will depict our rich gothic culture.
    Guideline for submitting photos or writing:
  • Please keep it fairly clean. We will edit appropriately.
  • We cannot accept articles that have been published elsewhere on the internet.
  • Articles & Photos should be originally written or photographed by the person submitting.
  • If you have pictures please email the url to us or send them as an attachment.
  • Compliments are appreciated. Flames, insults & spam will be deleted.
  • If you'd like we can include proper credits (name, email, etc.) after the article or picture, just let us know.
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