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Cheap Gothic Clothing

Where can I Find Gothic Clothes Cheap?

There is an amazing world out there for people trying to find cheap vintage gothic clothing. Unique one of-a-kind gothic clothing is fun to find but you'll need to know where to look. I don't know about you but when someone compliments me on my outfit it makes me feel really good, unique goth clothing makes you stand out.

With 684 stores Hot Topic is a popular place where some people start out buying their gothic clothes. Some of the name brands that hot topic sells are Lip Service, Iron Fist, Tripp NYC, Morbid Threads as well as lots of gothic, punk, techno band labeled products. Hot Topic is great if you are looking for some ideas on what the current retail gothic outfits look like. If you find yourself wanting more but your budget is lacking you can find unique gothic clothing in some unexpected places.

Before you go shopping for cheap gothic clothing you should plan out your gothic style needs so everything matches. Inventory what you have so when you are ready to shop you'll know what you need in your wardrobe. Start by making a list looking at your clothing and imaging what else would go with what you have. You can make several outfits with just a few gothic clothing pieces like basic black pants or a black miniskirt. For inspiration you can search online for gothic clothing to help get an idea on things that go together for the gothic look you want. I've also made my own gothic clothes by looking for styles online and taking simple clothing and modifying it with Zippers, chains, or D rings. For example take a plain black shirt add a few zippers and some random decorations it can turn into one of the most complimented piece of your gothic wardrobe.

The cheapest way to shop For Cheap Gothic Clothes

There are lots of community garage sales and church rummage sales that have plain clothing that can be modified or altered to look like vintage gothic clothing. To find out about these sales check your community newspaper under rummage sales or garage sales. Pay attention to the different types of fabric you find like velvet and fine brocades that can be purchased cheap and make the richest looking outfits. Don't forget to check out the racks of evening wear where those finer fabrics hang out. A long velvet cocktail dress can be made into a beautiful gothic dress or long skirt. I once found a black prom dress with a tutu type skirt for $3, I made the hem much shorter and attached black lace which I teamed with a black corset that I had in my closet.

Church rummage sales have the widest variety of clothing, jewelry, boots and accessories that are from older styles and tend to have better fabrics. Scan the racks for long velvet jackets, black trench coats, long brocade skirts, leather pants and black PVC clothing. Don't forget to check the shoe area for platform boots, creepers, Mary Jane's and anything with spikes, zippers or long laces. Another area not to miss is the jewelry section where you might find pewter or silver jewelry. You can make gothic jewelry from several different things you may find. I found a broken pair of real black pearls for $1, a real long chain for $1 and a large silver and onyx cross for $1 and with a few modifications I have unique gothic jewelry and no one has to know how much I paid for it. I made 2 necklaces and a bracelet and decorated a skirt with the rest of the chain.

The accessories rack is another area where you can find unique gothic pieces such as old black handbags, scarves, beanies, hats, hosiery and gloves.

Church rummage sales usually hold a bag sale on the last day of the sale. A bag sale is when you pay a certain price for everything you can stuff into a bag. I have seen prices that range from $1 a bag to $5 a bag so when you are scanning the racks and realize that your eyes are fatter than your wallet you can pick up the things that you absolutely cannot live without and then wait for the bag sale and see if some of those other things are still available. Church rummage sales often get company donations as well so you will see tuxedo rental places and bridal stores dump their inventories every so often so you can find the long coat tails and velvet dresses you've been looking for. With times getting tough on finances people will be looking for cheap gothic clothing so it's best to be there as soon as the church sale opens so you can quickly scan all the stuff and snatch all the hidden treasures that you can turn into hot gothic clothing.

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