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FREE Gothic Related Stuff

Free Gothic Paper Dolls, select from 3 goth girls or one goth guy paper doll and then pick their goth wardrobe. Just print the whole page and have fun with the paper dolls and their clothes.
Heavy Red Gothic Paper Dolls

Free gothic wallpaper 23 selections, mostly goth girls in Heavyred fashions.
Heavy Red Gothic Girls Wall Paper

Free do it yourself gothic clothing instructions.
I particularly like how they took a pair of old fishnet stocking and made a shirt and gloves out of it.
How to make free gothic clothing.

Free gothic fonts This site has over 50 gothic font styles.Links to many more gothic fonts at low cost.

Free gothic auctions since 2001 with 24473 registered users. Gothic Auctions has a little bit of everything dark, strange and unusual.They also have a active gothic, pagan, wicca community forum and the site owners are responsive and keep the site up to date.

Gothic Art Free Desktop Wallpaper pictures
Over 240 desktop gothic wallpaper pictures to load in various sizes.Gothic Desktop Wallpaper

Gothic International Club Listings. This is a list of hot gothic clubs by location that includes the USA and other countries. They have an absolutely complete description of what to expect in the club, type of music played, cover price, DJs & bands, drinks, directions, phone number and website link.

Goth Name Generator
What is my gothic name? Just type in your name and get a random gothic name. 

Goth Baby Name Generator
Exceptional site with gothic baby names in alphabetic order with gender, origin and meaning. Looking for gothic baby names this is the place.

Vampire Name Generator
What is my vampire name? Just type in your name and get a vampire name.

Free Gothic Lolita Patterns and Instructions for people who would rather make their own Gothic Lolita costumes. Let face it the Lolita Clothing available in Japan does not fit us correctly and is expensive. Why not make your own gothic lolita shirt, knickers & witches hat.

Free Goth Stuff