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Gothic Boots

How To Buy A Good Pair Of Gothic Boots

One of the most important parts of a gothic wardrobe is a wicked pair of black boots. Uniquely different from boring traditional boots, most Gothic boots are unisex, which offers a larger selection to choose from.

Whether you're into buckles, spikes, zippers, laces or platform boots you can find hundreds of gothic boots to satisfy your wildest outfits.

One key consideration when buying a good pair of gothic boots is how much you'll be wearing them. A good pair of leather boots will last for years while a pair of vinyl boots may last a year or less depending how often you wear them.

Other options: PVC and vinyl boots get really sweaty but are a good alternative to leather, and there are many vegan, cow-friendly companies that carry non-leather platform boots and footwear.

Here are a few practical considerations when picking out a good set of boots -
  • Feet tend expand a bit after you have had boots on for a while so consider buying a size larger than you normally would.
  • Boots are often heavier than shoes making your ankles and legs pretty tired if your wearing them for long periods or worse yet walking in them.
  • Those 40 eyelet boots look great but think when you've just come home from being on your feet partying for hours how unlacing those might be a pain in the butt.
With the huge selection of gothic shoes and boots available today you can consider the weight, breath ability and sock thickness. Platform boots tend to be the most sought after and the heaviest but if you look around you can find great boots that your feet will also love.

Some Famous Gothic Boot Makers: Dr. Martens, T.U.K., Demonia, Gripfast, Torrid, Inamagura, Sheffield Ranger.

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