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Gothic Clothing Brands

Lip Service - Gothic Clothing Brand

Drew Bernstein former guitar player for the band Crucifix in the 80's is the mastermind behind the Lip Service brand. When the band gig finally wrapped up in 1984 Drew started to use some of the leather crafting and t-shirt printing skills he had picked up from friends in Los Angeles to make vinyl jackets and pants. Drews designs were a hit and people wanted more. As these designs evolved new designs included the vinyl gothic guys trench coat and the gothic girls vinyl mini skirt.You can find Lips Service brand at any Hot Topic store or on the links below.

Lip Service Labels Include: Black List, Lip Service Classics, Lip Service Collection, Lips Service and Stretch Fuck'n Jeans.Lip Service vinyl clothing experts: for girls - dresses, skirts, corsets, shirts, fishnet, pants. For guys - vinyl pants, fishnet shirts, Gangta Pranksta, vinyl shirts, Jackets.See the pictures below of some of the Lip Service gothic styles.
  • Ebay site: thelipserviceattic
  • Lip Service Catalogs- only 2008 on their site but they do have a nice preview of the 2009 lines
  • Holiday Wallpapers From Lip Service -
  • Lip Service is writing a book and is asking for photos and stories. Get the details:

Folter Clothing Brand

Started in late 2005 by Agnes Yegyan in Los Angeles, California. Folter Clothing started out selling girls gothic style corset beaters, chokeher tops and sexy skirts and shortly expanded to dresses, pants, lingerie kinky t-shirts and accessories.As the brand developed it also started selling guys clothing Folter Clothing sells all types of gothic style clothing for gothic girls and guys. The Folter clothing line is manufactured here in Los Angeles.

Tripp NYC

The Tripp brand was created in 1984 by designer Daang Goodman. The Tripp Showroom is located in the heart of the East Village New York City. You can only buy Tripp clothing from specialty retail stores. Tripp NYC is very well known for their gothic guys wide leg bondage pants, girls skinny jeans and the karmaloop look.If you are looking for skinny jeans in red, yellow, lime, purple, green and turquoise. Tripp also has skinny jeans in bright colors with black texture print like snakeskin, pinstipes, zebra, leopard or small checkerboard patterns. Tripp is sold at these online stores:

Switchblade Stiletto

Created by Designer Lisa Marie. Most of the clothing from Switchblade Stiletto makes it onto Gemolis' "A" List and you all know how picky I am. The new fall collection catalog is available online however you can only buy them in retail stores. The dresses from Switchblade Stileto are definitely HOT! Go look at the catalog on their site.

Steady Clothing

If you are looking for a vintage, retro, classic look Steady Clothing has a great contemporary line of clothing. The labels of Steady Clothing include: Rock Steady, Ready Set Go, Steady Classics, Steady Last Call and Sun Record Company. They have some classy bowling shirt styles for men if that's what your looking for.
Serious Clothing Brand

Serious Clothing was started in 1994 by husband and wife team Mangus & Karen Walker. You can buy some clothing direct from them in the retail shop by visiting their site. The pants they sell for gothic guys like the darkness bootcut pant is the their top seller. My favorite is the Dandies patch black crow pant that is sewn individually so no 2 pairs look alike.
Heavy Red Couture Noir

Heavy Red brand features street styles of Japanese Goth, Gothic Lolita , wicked goth, victorian style and romantic classics. Heavy Red is based in Los Angeles and only available by visiting their website and calling the phone number listed.

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