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Gothic Gardening

Designing a Gothic Garden

Gothic gardening styles vary depending on the creativity of the artist. For the beginning gothic gardener there are gothic theme gardens that allow you to arrange plants, flowers and herbs in patterns for a beautiful display garden. For the gothic green thumb the possibilities are endless. Gothic gardens often contain gargoyles, statues, urns, wrought iron trellises, arches or arbors. There are many different styles of gothic furniture and gothic garden décor depending on your personal style and budget.

Some Gothic Garden Themes:
  • Celtic Herb Garden - geometric knot herb gardens both fragrant and useable
  • English Cottage Garden - traditional heirloom plants with old fashioned romance style
  • Rose Garden - old garden roses and heirloom roses mix fragrance with beauty
  • Walking Path - shapes and defines garden areas, excellent for perennials or shady areas
  • Bistro Garden Setting - for limited space areas like a patio or deck

Before you start your gothic garden take into consideration how you would like to use your garden and how much room you have. If you have limited space you'll need to plan the usage of that space carefully. Will you be planning a gothic patio or a sprawling gothic garden with path walkways and alcoves? You'll also want to consider the plant hardiness zone map and whether your garden area is sunny or shady most of the day.

If you are planning to have gothic architecture in your garden such as furniture and statues you may want to plan on flowers and plants and accessories that match your furniture style. There are lots of furniture options but the most popular is wrought iron in every style from simple rustic to detailed Victorian style. Gothic style wrought iron bistro sets are popular for small spaces.

Gothic statues, stones and candles on pillars give a gothic garden some character, charm and romance. One trick I use with statues is to make a tall pedestal with fancy stone or pavers to set the statue on making it taller and adding greater emphasis to your gothic garden. Most statues are made from concrete or metal.

Some Popular Gothic Statues Include:
  • Gargoyle statues
  • Gothic dragon statue sculpture
  • Gothic Renaissance Knights
  • Angel statues
  • Fairy statues
  • Gothic Cross Statue

Now that we have planned for the furniture and the accessories we can start to think about plants for our gothic garden. Keep in mind your hardiness zone and if the planting area is in the shade or sun and a color scheme you'd like.

Top 10 Gothic Garden Plants and Perennial Flowers
  • Iris - spring iris gardens capture attention with deep dark colors. Just plant the bulbs in the early fall and next spring they will bloom for 3-4 weeks.
  • Roses- prolific bloomers have nice fragrances and rich deep colors. Choose from wild roses, climbing roses, heirloom old garden roses and shrub roses. Climbing roses can be trained on a trellis, arbor or arch.
  • Daylillies - sun loving and semi-shaded varieties that bloom profusely in summer for many weeks. Daylilies' are a low maintenance perennial plant that is good for beginners. Daylillies come in dark colors of maroon that look almost black.
  • Hosta - This is a low maintenance hardy perennial for shady to partly shady areas. Hostas are great for planting under trees and places where it's so shady that nothing else grows there. Hosta is also a good choice for boarders or places where you would like large leaf foliage.
  • Tulips - for spring available in thousands of colors to start the season with a splash of bold color. Tulips are available in dark colors such as black, purple, maroon, red and blue.
  • Ferns -hardy foliage for dramatic backdrop and low maintenance make ferns a popular plant for gardens.
  • Jack In The Pulpit and Trillium - Woodland wildflowers that are mostly dark green for shady areas that are low maintenance.
  • Russian Sage - long purple aromatic spires compliment other flowers and are very fragrant.
  • Hollyhocks - heirloom biennials produce 2 months of flowers in summer. Large flower stalks provide a strong vertical point to a cottage garden.
  • Ivy - use it to cover walls or the side of a garage for dramatic foliage coverage.

There are many more plants, flowers and herbs that can compliment your gothic garden style. Each year you can add something different to your garden. Perennials start to multiply and reach maturity at 3 years so each year you can add a few perennials and soon you will have an established garden that brings years of pleasure. No matter if you use a gothic theme design or create your own a gothic garden it can be a real sanctuary to watch the moon, hang out, read a book and entertain friends.