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Gothic Girls

There are many subcultures within the gothic movement and there are many styles of gothic fashion, but the mainstream Goth Girls look typically consists of black clothing with silver or pewter accessories. The most common gothic outfits have a morbid, dreary or romantic look. Frequently you'll see elegant dark gowns, short black shirts, corsets, veils, gloves, fishnet stockings and boots. If you're not into dresses goth girls can also wear tight fitting trousers, boots and lots of buckles or safety pins. Gothic girl

Expression of personal style is the core to gothic fashion. It is very common for girls of goth to wear spikes or piercings and to tease or spike their hair. Popular hair colors are black-blue or color streaks or block of color like blue, purple green or red. Black eyeliner is a gothic staple and worn around the eyes sometimes resembling tear drops or running makeup like Brandon Lee's character (Eric Draven) from The Crow.

The romantic goth is a subcategory of Goths. These people are usually deep-thinkers and passionate. Often they have been hurt by a loved one at some stage in their life, an event that has deeply affected their worldview. They usually do not wear black exclusively but instead favor elaborate corset gowns with lace and velvet, brocade or satin. Reminiscent of Old Victorian clothing from the 17th century the colors are black, dark blue, deep purple and blood red. Goths have a fascination with medieval, Victorian and Edwardian history which really showns in the romantic Goths clothing styles. Gothic girl

Another sub culture of the gothic movement is the vampire or vampiric style that exemplifies grief, mourning, despair and death. Vampires often believe human existence is without objective meaning or purpose. Vampire goth style is expressed by wearing black eye shadow, morbid pale white skin and either shroud like clothing or elaborate gowns. Quite often their attire is seductive in nature.

Gothic Lolita is a Japanese style in which the person dresses in elaborate gothic baby doll clothing. On the weekends these girls walk the streets of Japan and Osaka and fill the parks where they pose for pictures and sit around looking pretty. This subculture began in 1999 and resembles the French maid meets Alice in Wonderland style. The Lolita Goth has nothing to do with gothic music, lifestyle or art as it is viewed in western society. Their music is heavy metal with goth undertones and pop rock where the musicians dress in elaborate costumes. The women who dress Lolita Goth typically do this only on weekends or for events. For them this is an escape.       

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