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Gothic Guys

Goth Guys do not have standard gothic outfits or set rules for what a male goth should look like. Gothic subculture fashion is based on expression of individuality and personal style, and goth guys draw on their inner creativity to create the gothic clothing look that conveys their unique look.

There are a few points to note, however:
  • The no-hair shaved head 'convict' look is so last year. You'll find that most hot goth guys now have anything from very short hair cuts all the way to long haired. Gothic guys have learned to express themselves in the ways they like.

  • Hair dye is popular. In fact, removing black hair dye has become an industry in itself. Gothic hair is either black or multi colors. Popular Gothic hair dye includes black, pink, dark blue, deep purple, red, green and orange. Manic Panic Hair Dyes are very popular to view the colors visit Hair Dye Gallery be sure to click on all the colors at the top of the page.

  • If you're looking for some example hair and clothing stylesespecially the victorian goth style, check out the gothic and punk gallery at  This talented photographer specializes in gothic photography.Ths is a must see.

  • The traditional color of gothic clothing is black, but there are many colors that are secondary favorites within the gothic subcultures. For example, the romantic goth typically wears black, dark blue, deep purple and blood red.

Looking for particular style information?

Here are some of the styles that you might see within each of the gothic sub cultures:

Romantic Goth:

  • Style: Medieval period through the Victorian Age style clothing
  • Coats: 1700's through 1880 Chauffeur's Style Jackets, duster coats
  • Shirts: Georgian Style Shirt with ruffles, pirates shirt (Hollywood style)
  • Pants: Trousers, Breeches and Hussar Pantalons
  • Accessories: Cloaks, vests, gloves, top hat, cane and pewter and silver jewelry with elaborate pendants
  • Footwear: Boots, Edwardian shoes
  • Romantic Gothic Hairstyles:
Goth guy Photo

Mainstream Goth:

  • Style: Dark, bondage look, punk, band merchandise, various
  • Coats: Trench coat, hoodie band sweatshirt, duster coats
  • Shirts: Band t-shirts, t shirts, mesh shirts
  • Pants: wide leg with lots of zippers, straps, buckles, D rings, etc.
  • Accessories: leather cuff wristband and collar, studded belt, pewter and silver jewelry, flesh plugs, piercings, tattoos
  • Makeup: black eyeliner, black lipstick, painted nails
  • Footwear: Platform boots with laces or buckles, converse sneakers, platform shoes
  • Gothic Hairstyles: dyed black or black with color block of other colors like purple, pink, blue, green

Punk Goth:

This is a leading category, and punk haircuts and gothic punk clothing are popular.
  • Style: Ripped and rebellious
  • Shirts: ripped t-shirt
  • Coats: black leather
  • Pants: tight, leather, rips, holes
  • Accessories: safety pins, spikes, studs, leather collar and wristbands, studded belts, chains, tattoos, flesh plugs, piercings
  • Makeup: painted nails, eye liner
  • Footwear: Platform boots with buckles, studs and spikes, platform shoes
  • Punk Gothic Hairstyles: spiked, shaved, dyed


  • Style: clothing that is tight, authentic retro, no animal materials
  • Shirts: your little brothers vintage t shirt, it must be very small to be emo
  • Coats: zip front jacket
  • Pants: tight low waisted, girls designer jeans the older the better
  • Accessories: neatly manicured nails, eyeliner, sometimes mascara, messenger bag, glasses even if you can see perfect without them
  • Footwear: Original Converse sneakers pre 1980, Draven canvas slipons
  • Emo Gothic Hairstyles: black

Some popular gothic guys clothing resources:

Footwear Brands: *Demonia, *Draven, *Spike Angel, *Lugz, *Vans
Pants Brands: *Kik, Sinister, Hot Topic, Morbid, Asylum
Shirts Brands: *fender, *Tripp NYC, *AFI *Sife-Athletics *Old Glory * BigBoyMusic
Accessories Brands: *Yak Pak, *Dickies, Hot Topic


The most popular gothic male icon was Dracula, made famous through horror movies. Another popular goth icon, Robert Smith - lead singer from The Cure, will deny that he had any influence on how gothic fashion for guys started. Roberts' wild hair, pale white completion and smudged lipstick as well as his trademark black trench coat image was idolized by many goth guys.

Another huge influence was the band Bauhaus who pretty much designed the first goth look for guys through their music, clothing, art and style. Another model was Dave Vnian of The Damned who liked to dress as a vampire just for kicks. A continued icon influence is David Bowie who has always walked on the side of eerie through his on screen characters and music.

Gothic fashion for guys does not have any rules; they have little interest in popularity. Goth guys like to create their own unique style. Common goth guy looks include a fishnet shirt, vinyl or leather pants and boots.

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