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How to pick out a Gothic Halloween Costume

Get great ideas on how to create a gothic halloween costume. Click on any of the halloween costume pictures in the gallery to go to that costume.

Halloween is the one time each year where you can go all out in a gothic outfit and step out of the traditional Halloween costume look. If you are looking for gothic costume ideas your best resource for gothic costume looks is online. There are lots of fun ideas like a gothic vampire, gothic angel, demoness, gothic witch, zombie costumes and gothic brides.

Devil Makeup Stack
The perfect Gothic Guys costume is a devil or vampire. This picture shows an easy to do makeup costume.Careful though use red and blac makeup that you can get off the next day!

Gothic Vampire Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume     Gothic Vampira Elite Collection Adult Costume - Large
Gothic Vampire Guys costumes and Gothic Vampire Girls costumes are easy to make. For guys the cape is everything - if you can get yourself some velvet material for the cape and the neck piece your set. For Gothic Vampire Girls the secret is to shop thrift stores in the formal dress section and find a long velvet dress. Add a little black lace and a black velvet choker and you have your basics.

If you are just looking for Gothic Halloween costume pictures scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out the new steampunk costumes.We've assembled a Gothic Costume photo gallery for you to get some new ideas.

When you are just designing your gothic costume don't forget the fun gothic character ideas from gothic movies. For gothic guys there is the Crow Eric Draven look, Tim Burton classics such as the Beetlejuice look, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. For gothic girls there is Elvira the queen of darkness, Morticia Adams from the Adams Family, corpse bride, Victorian gothic, vampire and gothic lolita.

Places like Party City and the Halloween shop sell packaged gothic costumes that are not made very well and are intended for one use and they are mid range priced. If you plan on using your outfit more than once you need to shop at a theatrical costume shop or put together your own costume piece by piece. Most of the packaged costumes in the stores and online are themed as a sexy gothic costume with low V necks, miniskirts and very little fabric so if you are going to a children's party you might want to consider age appropriateness.

The best gothic costumes are handmade and assembled to create a certain gothic look or gothic style. A good place to shop for individual parts of a gothic costume is the thrift store. They usually have older style prom dresses and velvet or brocade fabrics which is perfect for the Victorian gothic look. Goodwill thrift stores usually have lots of black colored New Years Eve wear in velvet. You can easily take a pair of scissors to any dress and make it more adaptable to the gothic look you'd like to achieve. The best gothic guys costumes can be made from thrift shop clothing so depending on your particular theme look for trench coats, Edwardian ruffled shirts, black mesh, or just plain rag wear if you want to be a zombie! Scroll down to the bottom for the gothic photo gallery.

To find the secrets to buying a gothic outfit dirt cheap that will bring you the best unique look read

Don't forget that makeup is a must in a good gothic costume. Be forewarned about the makeup kits that are sold in Halloween store, they are really bad for your face, cause pimples and is hard to get off. Read the article I wrote on how to wear gothic makeup

Accessories are another thing that can bring interest to your costume so look for gothic crosses and gothic symbols. For a full list of gothic symbols visit

Remember that you can shop for gothic clothing whenever you see a garage sale or church sale and start collecting the pieces for a perfect gothic outfit that will really set you apart from all the other costumes. The possibilities are endless when you plan your gothic Halloween costume and show your unique gothic style.

Gothic Costume Photo Gallery Here is what some of the popular packaged gothic theme costumes look like:

This is a steampunk vampire costume - for more info click on the picture: Steampunk Vampire Sexy Goth Cyber Punk Adult Costume L

This is a steampunk witch costume which has a cyber punk feel- for more info click on the picture: Steampunk Witch Goth Cyber Punk Adult Cosplay Costume S

This is a Underlord costume - for more info click on the picture: Underlord Adult Costume

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This is a Shadowstalker costume. Shadow Stalker Adult Costume-Large

Who could forget the Elvira Costume - click on picture for info. Elvira Adult Costume - Standard

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This is a Metal Mayhem costume - for more info click on the picture: Metal Mayhem Adult Costume - X-Large

This is a Baroness Von Bloodshed costume - for more info click on the picture: Baroness Von Bloodshed Adult Costume - Large

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This is a Madame Macabre costume - for more info click on the picture: Madame Macabre Adult Costume - Medium

Dark Mad Hatter costume Dark Mad Hatter Adult Costume - X-Large

Evil Jester costume - for more info click on the picture: Evil Jester Adult Costume-Medium

Corpse Bride costume Corpse Bride Petite Adult Costume

Lucifer Costume - for more info click on the picture: Lucifer Adult Costume

Don't forget the accessories make the costume:

Steampunk Glasses - click picture for more details
Steampunk Costume Goggles

Wrinkled Goblin Adult Mask - click picture for more info

Wrinkled Goblin Adult Mask

Gremlins Latex Mask Adult - click picture for more info

Gremlins Latex Mask Adult

Adorable Toddler gothic costumes

Darling Devil Toddler Costume

Gollum Mask- Lord Of The Rings - click picture for more info

Gollum Mask- Lord Of The Rings The Halloween Superstore

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