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Gothic Rings - styles and how to care for them

silver gothic ring
Gothic style rings are usually made of silver or pewter and are quite detailed. Pewter rings can be washed in hot sudsy water and rinsed and dried with a soft cloth. It's not a good idea to wash antique gothic silver as it is made to look old, you may want to spot wash it with a damp cloth. Pewter will dent or scratch and pits or stains when exposed to chemicals and some acids in foods. So if you get food on your ring while eating a quick trip to wash your hands will help preserve your delicate gothic ring.

guys gothic ring

Since pewter tends to dent and scratch it's best to store it in a separate area in your jewelry box. For centuries Pewter was a valued family treasure along with gold and silver. Pewter first became popular in Europe then in America. Pewter keeps its original soft appearance but develops a patina that darkens gently, but does not tarnish like silver. The antique look gives contrasts of dark and light areas. This brings out the details of elaborate gothic ring designs.

Delicate gothic rings made of silver can be cleaned the same way as pewter rings. Silver that has been worn and then gently washed and dried will seldom tarnish. Rings that are stored for long periods sometimes tarnish just from being exposed to the air. Tarnish is easily removed from gothic rings through frequent cleanings; if you wait until the tarnish is black then it's harder to clean and may require abrasive cleaners.

gothic rings
gothic pentacle ring

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