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Gothic Symbols

guys gothic ring
Gothic girls and guys alike wear both silver and pewter jewelry in the form of symbols to compliment their outfits. Some symbols are worn upside down to imply a reversal of meanings. Just because a goth wears a cross upside down does not mean they are a Satanist. Goths wear symbols but mostly to shock people or for effect.

Gothic crosses, crucifixes, runes, ankhs and pentagrams seem to be a staple for Goths as well as these symbols: daggers, silver bullets, bats, dragons, coffins, crosses, devils & demons, grim reaper, skulls and skeletons, barbs and spikes, serpents, spider webs and graveyards. I'm sure I missed a few and there are more symbols that Goths associate with their lifestyle, but this list gives you a good start.

Pentagrams- The pentagram is a five-pointed star, a pagan symbol for fire, earth, air, water and spirit. The pentacle is a pentagram with a circle around it. These terms are often used similarly. Some Goths may wear a pentacle to shock people or for theatrical effect. Since the pentacle, particularly an upside-down pentacle, is associated with Satanism, be aware that it can cause some strong reactions in people.

Ankh - Popular in ancient Egypt, the Ankh held strong cultural significance, and is often interpreted as the key of life. In Egyptian tomb paintings, the gods used the ankh to awaken the souls of the dead to a new life.

Gothic Crosses - the Gothic cross is usually dark Germanic. Popular in the gothic and vampire cultures.


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