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Gothic Tattoos

Gothic tattoos represent some of the most interesting and beautiful forms of tattoo art today. Gothic lifestyle is so individually unique that there are no set standards for designs. Some of the more popular designs include Gothic cross tattoos, pentagram Gothic tattoos, and the ankh gothic tattoo. Gothic tattoos also have quite different styles with old English lettering and complex designs.

dragon tattoo

Most people that are unhappy with their tattoo got it under pressure on the spur of the moment. It's a good idea to shop around and talk to several Tattoo artists. It's also a very good idea to ask other peopple about their tattoos and where they got them done, what their experience was like, and if they were happy with the person that did it.

By looking at an artists portfolio you can get an idea of the experience they have and if they have worked with complex gothic Tattoos. Look closely at the tattoo pictures for quality clean lines with bright colors that blend smoothly, and clear images. Most artists love to show off their work and it's a great way to meet the person who will be giving you that perfect tattoo.

gothic tattoo gothic heart tattoo gothic skull tattoo

If a tattoo artist has a bad attitude when you first meet them think how that attitude might be when you're halfway through. Good tattoo artists charge between $70 and $125 an hour. Good tattoos are not cheap, and the cheap ones look cheap.

Take lots of time to pick the perfect artist and tattoo for you. After all, you'll be wearing it for the rest of your life. It's probably not a good idea to let your friend pick a design for you. Never get tattooed if you're under the influence of drugs and alcohol and NEVER let a friend tattoo you.

Don't plan on getting your gothic tattoo the day before you want to show it off. After getting your tattoo it will take about a month to heal. During the first week you'll feel sore, have swelling, irritation and redness. You'll need to keep it clean by washing it several times a day with mild soap and pat dry with clean paper towel. You may want to apply some antibacterial after it's dry. The next 3-4 weeks your tattoo will tend to dry out as the healing process continues. It's also a good idea to keep your tattoo moist to prevent excess scabbing, infection or scarring. Avoid lotions that contain fragrances, artificial color, and other ingredients that may irritate your tattoo. The sun can also reek havoc on your tattoo, try to avoid sun on your new tattoo until fully healed.

gothic skull tattoo          gothic skull tattoo

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