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Hot Gothic Guy & Hot Gothic Girl Contest

It all started out one night as a request from a few friends who thought a hot gothic girl and hot gothic guy contest would created some excitement around here. We are looking to showcase a few extremely original gothic makeup & clothing styles. If you think you have a unique gothic makeup style, wicked hair or gothic attire send us a picture and tell us about yourself, what you like about being goth, your unique style and so forth. You may be featured on our website too. Don't forget to send your website address or any links you'd like to add to your profile.

Click on the purple links under the pictures to learn more about our featured goths. Submit info to: email us

Photo by Crystal

My name is Crystal and goth is a way of escape for me. A dark romance that's in all of us. The pride of being beautiful because your not afraid to be yourself. I love everything about it.

Ibeus LaCroix
Photo by Ibeus
More info about Goth Guy Ibeus - I've been working for Goth Head ( since the end of July 2008. I have been interested in the goth look since I was thirteen, but I did not really grasp the subculture until I was a sophomore in college; however, I did get into goth rock when I was a junior in high school. I really enjoy writing and goth, so working here is an ideal combination. I also enjoy writing fiction, and I hope to be a published author someday. I also model sometimes.

Lisa Lowlife
Photo by Lisa Lowlife
More Pictures of Hot Goth Girl - Lisa Lowlife

JT Kinetic Goth
Photo by JT - Kinetic Goth

Ashley - Sexy Goth Me
Photo by Ashley - Sexy Goth Me
More Pictures of Hot Goth Girl - Ashley - Sexy Goth Me

Jessica - Lady Demona
Photo by Jessica - Lady Demona
More Pictures of Hot Goth Girl - Jessica - Lady Demona

Chris - From NY
Photo by Chris - From NY

Hello. This is Chris from long island new york. I love the gothic look and was turned to it for more of a life relation than it being cool. Music was also a way I was going so it just naturally evolved. Im all over the place with my look all the time. What I like about it is the freedom. Self expression,the empowerment you feel from being who you want to be. Its awesome.

Send us a picture and a little about yourself... you may be featured on too..
Submit info to: email us

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